3 Unexpected Tips for a Proactive Mindset

Being proactive means that you are intentional about your actions. Proactive people tend to get things done! However, knowing the virtue of being proactive is much different than actually doing it. Let’s explore 3 unusual tips to help you be more proactive.


If you’re feeling off your game, research has shown that aerobic exercise increases the production of serotonin and dopamine, brain chemicals key to your feeling happy. Exercise also supports cell growth in the hippocampus, the area of your brain responsible for learning and memory.

Getting Out in Nature

One of the best ways to calm the soul is to step away from other people, screens and buildings, and spend a little time in nature. Research has shown that spending time in nature lowers stress hormone levels, improves blood pressure and gives our bodies vitamin D which helps us function more efficiently. If you’re interested in more info, read this article from National Geographic on the power of nature to decrease anxiety.

Using Stimuli

Feeling stressed out, tired or anxious are common conditions that can kill a proactive mindset. Rather than trying to internally fight the stress, it can be more valuable to take care of yourself. Simple things like splashing your face with cold water and taking 10 deep breaths slow the heart rate and can help you regain grounding. Also, putting on classical or meditation music can support a positive, proactive mindset.

Next time you find yourself sliding into a reactive mindset, try one of these tips and see if how quickly you shift back into the proactive mode. For more tips and additional information on the proactive mindset, check out the Kompas course “Be Proactive!”, part of the Self-Development module.


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