Welcome to Polaris!

Polaris, the Professional Online Learning Academy & Resource Information System is an online learning application geared toward corporate customers, allowing their employees to identify and cultivate new skills that will be valuable in both their professional and personal lives. Named after the Latin for the “north star,” Polaris can help your people get their bearings for where they’re headed, and then help them plan a course to get there.

Concentrating on subjects that are useful to each student not only in the business world but also in life as well, Polaris offers courses on various topics including:

Different Learning Styles

Polaris realizes that different people learn in different ways, so we strive to accommodate that. The courses within Polaris include various methods of information dissemination in order to allow for different learning styles: some reading, some video, some reflections, some group activities, and some journaling. Each course includes a brief quiz to ensure you’ve absorbed the important information. And, if your organization chooses to work through these courses together as a group, that will further enhance your team’s learning experience.

Sample Screens

Overview video

You can view our 4-minute introductory video here.