Remote Communication Tools for Your Home Office

Working remotely requires team members to make a special effort around communication and collaboration. In an office setting, you can drop by a colleague’s desk on your way to the printer or catch a moment to chat during a lunch break. So communication flows easily and the types of communication you will have are likely […]

6 Tips for a Productive Home Environment 

We are all different in our working habits and the kind of environment we find the most conducive to focused productivity. However, there are a few common elements that most of us find supportive in a working environment. Supportive Soundscape Some folks enjoy listening to music while working, and others prefer total silence. You might […]

Does Your Office Look Like This?

Virtual workers create their own workspace and schedules to a large extent. You may have meetings and deadlines to show up for but the rest of the time is yours to manage by yourself. It is critical to developing good habits of time management and organization to keep you on track. Understanding the way that […]

3 Unexpected Tips for a Proactive Mindset

Being proactive means that you are intentional about your actions. Proactive people tend to get things done! However, knowing the virtue of being proactive is much different than actually doing it. Let’s explore 3 unusual tips to help you be more proactive. Exercising If you’re feeling off your game, research has shown that aerobic exercise […]