8.6 Virtual Team Operations

Course Overview Virtual Team Operations, while at the core the same as organizational operations, require extra attention to communications, systems, roles and knowledge management. Understanding the extra attention required to support a virtual and remote team in their collaboration, goal setting and teamwork is vital to the smooth running of any online team. Learning Objectives […]

8.5 Virtual Team Leadership

Course Overview  As our world continues to change rapidly, more teams than ever are being managed remotely. As a virtual team leader, extra effort is needed to get to know the individual personalities, understand them to connect with your team, and build a healthy team culture founded on trust, good communication and clear boundaries.   Managing […]

8.4 Building Virtual Team Culture

Course Overview As more and more teams are working remotely and collaborating across the globe, there is an accompanying need to become effective at creating and nurturing a virtual team culture. At the most fundamental level, the purpose of a healthy team culture is to support the growth, happiness, inclusion and engagement of all members, […]

8.3 Virtual Team Recruitment

Course Overview Hiring new team members for a virtual team requires a slightly different approach compared to the usual in person recruitment process. In this course, we will look at how to make a success of your recruitment process for new virtual team members. We will go through all stages of the process from advertising […]

8.2 Virtual Team Members

Course Overview The rise of the virtual workforce means more and more companies are managing quasi or fully virtual teams. These days, almost anyone can work remotely, but this doesn’t mean that everyone is suitable for virtual work. In this course, we will look at some of the characteristics that make people suitable for virtual […]

8.1 The Rise of the Virtual Workplace – The Big Picture

Course Overview Virtual workplaces have become more commonplace, through both necessity and opportunity. The recent global pandemic forced many organizations to run virtually, and several have chosen to continue leveraging the opportunities this provides. In this course, we will take a big picture view of the rise of the virtual workplace. We will look at […]