8.6 Virtual Team Operations

Course Overview Virtual Team Operations, while at the core the same as organizational operations, require extra attention to communications, systems, roles and knowledge management. Understanding the extra attention required to support a virtual and remote team in their collaboration, goal setting and teamwork is vital to the smooth running of any online team. Learning Objectives […]

8.5 Virtual Team Leadership

Course Overview  As our world continues to change rapidly, more teams than ever are being managed remotely. As a virtual team leader, extra effort is needed to get to know the individual personalities, understand them to connect with your team, and build a healthy team culture founded on trust, good communication and clear boundaries.   Managing […]

8.4 Building Virtual Team Culture

Course Overview As more and more teams are working remotely and collaborating across the globe, there is an accompanying need to become effective at creating and nurturing a virtual team culture. At the most fundamental level, the purpose of a healthy team culture is to support the growth, happiness, inclusion and engagement of all members, […]

8.3 Virtual Team Recruitment

Course Overview Hiring new team members for a virtual team requires a slightly different approach compared to the usual in person recruitment process. In this course, we will look at how to make a success of your recruitment process for new virtual team members. We will go through all stages of the process from advertising […]

8.2 Virtual Team Members

Course Overview The rise of the virtual workforce means more and more companies are managing quasi or fully virtual teams. These days, almost anyone can work remotely, but this doesn’t mean that everyone is suitable for virtual work. In this course, we will look at some of the characteristics that make people suitable for virtual […]

7.6 Using Tools and Technology in a Virtual Team

Course Overview Technology is a core component of life as a virtual worker. There are certain indispensable tools that make it possible for you to work remotely as part of a team and you must understand how to make them work for you. Some tools might be familiar from your everyday life while others might […]

7.5 Communicating in a Virtual Team

Course Overview In a virtual work environment, many things are different from working with a team in an office. Some of these factors can be obstacles to communication. It is helpful to be aware of the potential challenges and pitfalls of remote communication with a virtual team to do our best to avoid them. In […]

8.1 The Rise of the Virtual Workplace – The Big Picture

Course Overview Virtual workplaces have become more commonplace, through both necessity and opportunity. The recent global pandemic forced many organizations to run virtually, and several have chosen to continue leveraging the opportunities this provides. In this course, we will take a big picture view of the rise of the virtual workplace. We will look at […]

7.4 Maintaining Focus as a Virtual Worker

Course Overview Any work environment can have distractions. When you are working in an office, these distractions are likely to be things like chatting with colleagues at the printer, conversations happening by your desk, or colleagues coming to interrupt you. As a virtual worker, you will have to deal with different sources of distraction. These […]

7.3 Habits for Effective Virtual Working

Course Overview Effective virtual working is a skill that can be developed through an intentional practice of certain habits and behaviors. Working from home requires us to create our own structure, routine, working habits and systems. Rather than being inducted into an office environment where all this is in place, we are responsible for establishing […]

7.2 Creating Your Virtual Workspace

Course Overview In a virtual role, you will not have a desk waiting for you in the office space when you start. The responsibility lies with you to set up your own virtual workspace, most often at home. You will need to think about the right kind of environment that will support focus and productivity, […]

7.1 Who is Suitable for a Virtual Position?

Course Overview In this lesson, we will look at the qualities required to succeed in a virtual job role. To some extent, the qualities you need to do your job virtually are the same that you would need to do the same job in an office or on location. You will need to have the […]

5.10 Rewards and Consequences

Course Overview We encounter rewards and consequences every day in a number of different contexts – from the little glow of satisfaction we get completing a task, to the sting of touching a hot kettle. These rewards and consequences affect our behavior and the choices we make. In this course, we will look at what […]

5.9 Accountability

Course Overview In this course, we will look at accountability: the different types of accountability, why they are important and how to cultivate them. Accountability means we are responsible for our actions, our choices and their consequences. In a group, we can be accountable to each other, and alone, we are accountable to ourselves. “Accountability […]

5.8 Tracking Your Progress

Course Overview Once you have set a goal, tracking your progress along the way can make a big difference to your chances of achieving it. Tracking your progress using the tools and techniques outlined in this course will help you to stay motivated, accountable and on track for success. “Setting goals is the first step […]

5.7 Focus for Success

Course Overview Under the right conditions, we will naturally pay close attention to what is important in the moment. However, conditions around us often require us to work a bit harder to achieve and retain focus on the task at hand. If we learn to recognize what causes us to lose focus, we can optimize […]

5.6 Resources for Success

Course Overview Success is very rarely something that we achieve by going it alone. Success is usually the result of continuous leveraging of the resources and opportunities available around us. If you want to climb a mountain, you could set out naked and barefoot without a map, but you probably wouldn’t get very far. Most […]

Self Development

Self Development Course Overview Everyone is can achieve their goals if they plan for success! Goal achievement is not a skill we are born with; it is a discipline that we practice – made up of a series of actions carried out consistently. In this course, we will look at the strategy, tools and mindset […]

5.5 Goal Achievement Plan 

Course Overview Everyone is capable of achieving their goals if they plan for success! Goal achievement is not a skill we are born with – it is a discipline that we practice – made up of a series of actions carried out consistently. In this course, we will look at the strategy, tools and mindset […]

5.4 Achievement and Motivators

Course Overview Why is motivation important? To achieve any goal in life, we need to feel motivated. Motivation is the fuel that drives the engine of success to get us from where we are now, to where we want to be. “I’d rather attempt to do something and fail than attempt to do nothing and […]