Topic Progress:

There are lots of different types of goals and it is important to understand and think carefully about what they are when setting goals for yourself, in your personal or work life. Making a bucket listof lifetime goals, set out in categories to represent different areas of your life, can help greatly in realizing your dreams.   

It is helpful when setting goals to discern between personal and business goals, finite and repetitive goals, and strategic and tactical goals. To stay connected with your bigger goals while navigating your daily list of tasks, the concept of chunking can be a useful tool. 

You will now be better equipped to set different types goals in all areas of your life. 

A Deeper Dive 

Tommy Newberry, Success Is Not an Accident:  Change Your Choices, Change Your Life. 

Neuroscience Explains Why You Need To Write Down Your Goals If You Actually Want To Achieve Them, by Mark Murphy 

Tony Robbins on The Power of Chunking 

Whats The Difference Between Strategy And Tactics? By Liz Ryan 

Discussion Questions  

  1. What types of goals have you set in the last week/month/year? 
  2. How do you usually go about setting goals in your place of work? 
  3. What might you do differently since working through this course? 
  4. What are the strategic goals of your organization and what tactical goals are you working on now towards achieving them?