Useful Questions For Mediating Conflict (2 min)

Useful Questions For Mediating Conflict

An important part of any mediator’s toolkit is a cache of really effective questions. Asking questions will help you to draw out the root cause of the conflict as well as allow both parties to better understand where each other is coming from. Good questions can also support the parties involved to arrive at their own resolutions to the conflict and to identify common goals and shared values to move forward with.

Good questions for Mediators to ask as suggested by Robin Camarote, Founder of Work Life Lab and creator of Working Mom Tip of the Day include: 

  1. What is the other person saying?
  2. How does what you’ve been hearing go against your values?
  3. What is the difference between the two perspectives?
  4. What aspects of this conflict do you believe you’re responsible for?
  5. Can you put yourself in your coworker’s shoes? How does she feel?
  6. If we were to think outside of the box, how could this issue be resolved?
  7. What will happen to you if this issue isn’t resolved through this discussion?
  8. What would you offer to do or change to help resolve this issue? What would you like in return?