Why is it Important to Mediate Conflict Effectively? (4 min)

Why is it Important to Mediate Conflict Effectively?

Conflict is inevitable when a group of people are working together for 40 hours a week or more, with often ambitious goals and tight deadlines. Conflict in the workplace can have a negative impact on the morale and productivity of a team and can even lead to losing valued team members. Knowing how to mediate conflict when it arises can save time, money and emotional stress. If fact, it can even lead to a tighter, and higher-performing team. 

How conflict is handled in a company can be a litmus test of trust and respect. If an employee has a positive experience of conflict being effectively mediated by managers or HR staff, they are more likely to feel valued and respected at work.

Conflict can be generative when it is handled appropriately as it requires those involved to revisit their perspective, learn to communicate better and be open to the perspective of others.

Before we dive into the details, check out this short video (3 min) giving an overview of the causes of conflict at the workplace and some approaches for mediation.