Course Summary (1 min)

Course Summary

During this course, we have looked at the responsibilities of leading a virtual team, as well as how you can rise to the challenge of creating a thriving and productive team culture when working remotely. We have looked at some of the foundational components of a healthy and happy team and how you as a leader can cultivate these qualities and lead by example while supporting your team to do the same.

Discussion Questions

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  1. In what ways do you lead by example when managing your virtual team? In what areas could you improve on this?
  2. How would you rate the levels of trust within your team? How do you know that this is so?
  3. Where is communication working well in your virtual team? Where is it causing problems that you can address?
  4. How healthy are your boundaries between home and work as a virtual team? In what ways might you change things for yourself and your team to improve this? 

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