Goals, Sub-Goals and Tasks – Chunking

‘Chunking’ is a concept from cognitive psychology, meaning “a process by which individual pieces of an information set are broken down and then grouped together.” (Source: Wikipedia)

In relation to goals – chunking can help you to make the connection between your overarching goals (those big ticket items from your bucket list), sub-goals (milestones along the way to achieving your big goals) and individual tasks (the items on your to do list each day).


To begin working with your tasks, goals and sub-goals in this way, first empty your head onto paper and make a list of all the to-dos that are floating around in there.

Next look for commonalities. Which items on the list relate to the same desired outcome or sub-goal? Chunk these items together into a cluster.

Now, make a note of the bigger goals that each cluster of tasks and sub-goals is working towards. This helps you to sort and prioritize how you spend your time through the day, and to remember what you are working towards with each little task you undertake.


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