Knowing Your Most Productive Time of the Day

We all have times during the day when we feel more alert, engaged and productive than others. Your circadian rhythm is the natural ebb and flow of energy throughout the day and night that causes this variation in alertness and focus. Working with, rather than against your natural circadian rhythms is a good way to optimize your focus and productivity.

If you are a ‘morning person’: consider scheduling your most demanding tasks in the earlier part of the day. You may want to start work earlier than others on your team. Check this won’t cause any issues for coordinating meetings or tasks, then enjoy your peaceful productive morning hours before the rest of the world are up and about.

If your energy peaks in the afternoon: arrange to do priority tasks then. Maybe you feel at your best after lunch and a brisk walk. If this is true for you, make good use of this time for getting through tasks or projects that require you to give your best energy and effort.

If you are a ‘night owl’: you probably feel at your most inspired and productive long after others have finished work for the day – or even gone to bed! If it works for you and your company, you might choose to shift your working hours to the times when you are most energized and focused- even if it’s late in the day!

Check out this article about how to schedule your working day to make the most of your natural energy flow and circadian rhythm.


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