6.8 Mediating Conflict

Course Overview In this course, you will learn about mediating conflict. After completing the course you will understand why it is important to mediate conflict, some of the different roots from which conflict can arise and some strategies and resources that can help you to mediate conflict. Learning Objectives  By the end of this course, […]

6.7 Running Effective Meetings

Course Overview In this course, you will learn about how to prepare for and run an effective meeting. You will learn tips for creating an effective agenda, keeping the meeting on track, ending a meeting well, and how to follow up on the action points of the meeting. All these elements come together to determine […]

6.6 Servant Leadership

Course Overview In this course, we will look at a model of leadership called Servant Leadership, as well as some well–known examples of Servant Leadership. We would learn what about the benefits as well as the challenges of this leadership style, how it impacts an organization and what qualities define the Servant Leader. We would […]

6.5 Level 5 Leadership

Course Overview Of the many different leadership models out there, this course will zoom in on one particular model called ‘Level 5 Leadership’. “What is Level 5 Leadership?” you may ask? We’ll discuss that in the next few pages. You will learn just what Level 5 Leadership is and what qualities define a Level 5 […]

6.3 Overcoming Leadership Challenges

Course Overview Leadership is a challenging! As a leader you hold responsibility for inspiring and guiding people who follow and trust you. You are expected to set the course of an organization in both good times as well as bad. You are expected to be the one to plan and execute those first tentative steps […]

6.2 Learning From Great Leaders

Course Overview In this course, we will take a look at the success stories of some of the great business leaders of our time to see what we can learn. There is a very old saying, attributed to Isaac Newton which says “If I have seen further, it is because I have stood on the […]

6.1 Leadership vs. Management

Course Overview Management and Leadership are two distinct functions within an organization which frequently overlap. Not every leader is a good manager, and not every manager is a good leader. Both qualities are needed in a successful organization and it’s okay if they are distributed among more than one person. Some people will have strengths […]