Working with Technology (2 min)

Working with Technology

It is an inescapable fact that virtual roles require a good understanding of digital technologies. It is important to be realistic about your capacity and desire to work with digital tools for communication, collaboration, document storage, project planning, and management. While these tools are a big feature of the modern office, they still present challenges for some of us. Working remotely means you will have to get used to new software services, apps, and platforms. Learning how to use these technologies will be critical to performing well in a virtual role.

You should be provided with training and support while you get used to the technologies that your team or organization uses, but you will also need to be self-sufficient and self-motivated to tackle any challenges that arise while you get up to speed. Be prepared to spend a bit of extra time getting set up on new technology before you need to use it. Don’t wait until the start of an important conference call to learn how to use your new webcam! If necessary, do a couple of dry-runs with a new technology to iron out the wrinkles before an important meeting.