Topic Progress:

So far we have looked at different theories of motivation and several types of motivators. Now lets take a closer look at the factors that increase our motivation. These can include:  

Trusted leaders – when we trust the leadership of our organization, we are motivated to do well for them and to play our part in achieving the overall goals of the company. Having a positive and transparent relationship between employees and managers promotes a sense of mutual accountability and motivation to deliver on expectations.  

 Feeling valued – when we know that our role is valued in the company and that what we do is recognized as making a difference, we feel more motivated to do our best work. Everyone likes to feel they are skilled in their role and are growing in value as they develop through their hard work. 

Proving ourselves – we are often motivated by the desire to show others what we can do and to prove wrong anyone who has doubted our ability in the past. The motivation to innovate, excel and take responsible risks often comes from the desire to exceed expectations – our own and others. 

Career progression – moving up the ladder in their career of choice is highly motivating for many people. If achieving a goal or fulfilling a certain target will lead to career advancement, it will likely be a high motivating factor.  

Safety and security – the prospect of a stable and secure future can be a strong motivator for some of us. We are likely to feel motivated to achieve a certain standard if the reward for doing so is a secure long-term contract or a pay raise which provides greater financial security for their family. 

Ego – some people are simply motivated by the idea of becoming well-known, receiving public recognition or awards, and achieving greater social and professional status. This kind of motivation can have its downsides as it may not include the wider goals of our company as a whole and can lead to excessive risk-taking. 

Impact – some people are motivated by the opportunity to create impact. This might be in terms of the benefit to the company and the legacy we leave behind, or the wider social or environmental impact of the work we are doing.  

Happiness – enjoying our work is a great motivator for most people. Feeling pleasure and satisfaction as an outcome of working on a particular project or task is highly motivating. This happiness can be derived from satisfaction at the outcome, a feeling of challenge or value or simply the joy of carrying out the task itself.