4.4 Six Thinking Hats

Course Overview

This course will introduce you to a tool for effective individual and group thinking called the Six Thinking Hats.

By the end of the course you will understand what the Six Thinking Hats are and how to use them effectively. You will learn about thinking as a skill and how this method can help you to improve.

You will also have an opportunity to practice using the Six Thinking Hats and to reflect on how they support and enhance your thinking process.

Introductory Video

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, you will understand the following:

  • Understand the overall Six Thinking Hats methodology
  • Understand what each hat represents
  • Discover how the Six Thinking Hats methodology improves the thinking process
  • Learn 7 benefits of the Six Thinking Hats
  • Consider 5 limitations of the Six Thinking Hats

Study Guide

We know that different people like to learn in different ways. If you like to write notes as you work through a course, here’s a handy study guide (.PDF) for you, in printable or “fillable” form. Use the printable version if you would like to print out the study guide and write down your notes. Or, if you prefer to use a PDF reader you can take notes on your favorite handheld device using the “fillable” version. 

Six Thinking Hats Study Guide – Printable

Six Thinking Hats Study Guide – Fillable PDF