Get Set Up for Success (5 min)

Get Set Up for Success

Working with new and unfamiliar tools can be a little daunting, but with a bit of preparation, you can orient and familiarize yourself with the technology you need to do your job. You may receive some kind of orientation from your manager or a colleague. If not, there are usually other resources you can draw on to support you with getting comfortable with any new tools or technologies. You might find useful resources like videos or user guides by:

  • Checking the website of the manufacturer of your software or tool. They often have user guides and manuals that you can download and read.
  • Looking online for tutorial videos. There are often free videos available on YouTube and other user-generated content platforms, introducing and walking you through the most common tools and technologies you will need to work remotely.
  • Asking a friend or family member. Often, having someone you feel comfortable with explaining things to you can be easier and more pleasant than spending time reading a technical manual or watching a whole series of tutorials.

It is a good idea to test out your tools and technology before you need to use them for something important like a client call or an important meeting. See if you can recruit a friend or family member to do a practice call with you to check that everything works as it should. Here is a checklist to get you started:

  • Does my microphone pick up sound when I need it to? Are all the settings correct?
  • Does my camera work when I need it to?
  • Are my emails downloading to my inbox and sending correctly to the recipients?
  • Am I receiving alerts when somebody tries to contact me?
  • Are my project management tools syncing correctly so that I see a live status on my projects?
  • Does my calendar sync correctly when I receive a new event invitation or appointment request?
  • Are others able to see my availability and does this update as it should?
  • Is my internet connection stable and bandwidth sufficient for what I need to do?

Troubleshooting Technology and Tools

All technology is prone to problems now and then. Many minor issues you might encounter can be easily resolved at home without needing a technician. So before you call in the professionals, try some of these options to resolve any issues you are having with your technology and tool:

  • Look on Reddit, Quora or other peer-to-peer knowledge networks. Somebody else is likely to have run into the challenge you are facing and might be able to offer a solution.
  • Search for consumer or user forums relating to the product or service you are having difficulties with.
  • Refer to the product website where there may be troubleshooting guides or forums that offer help from experienced users, or a customer support service that you can contact. YouTube is also a useful resource for accessible demonstrations of how to use various tools and technologies.