The Benefits of a Virtual Workplace (3 min)

The Benefits of a Virtual Workplace

There are many perks and benefits to running your organization as a virtual workplace. The primary benefits are financial and benefits for human resources. Virtual workplaces are much more cost-efficient to run, and without a geographical limit for recruitment, a world of opportunities opens up!

Financial benefits

With no office rent, business rates, or maintenance expenses to pay, running a virtual workspace can save a lot in premises costs. You will also no longer have to worry about utility bills such as energy, internet connection, and water. A virtual workspace will save you money on office equipment, furniture and consumables – much will be done virtually or digitally, and employees are often responsible for their own workspace at home. You will save money on ancillary staff costs too. With no central office space to service, there is need to hire additional staff or contractors such as cleaners, security guards and receptionists.

Your employees can also enjoy some financial benefits from working virtually: they will save on commuting costs, work wardrobe and lunch expenses!

HR benefits

When your business operates from a virtual workspace, you can hire employees located anywhere in the world. This means you get to choose from a global pool of talent to create a high-performing team. At the same time, 24/7 customer service becomes possible when you have employees in different geographies and time zones – there is always somebody awake.

Working remotely also offers an improved work/life balance for employees, with time saved commuting made available to spend with family or on personal wellbeing activities.

This leads to greater job satisfaction and a more productive workforce.