Nurturing a Shared Team Culture (2 min)

Nurturing a Shared Team Culture

Once you have established and defined your team culture, it takes ongoing work to maintain and support it. The following are some elements you may want to think about:

Support Team Bonding

These bonds of trust and shared vision require some nurturing to maintain and strengthen them. A team might agree to regularly taking a longer time slot together to check in on how well they are collaborating – taking stock of what works well, pausing to appreciate each other, and committing to address areas of challenge.

Creating A Statement of Culture

Once you have come to an agreement about what defines your team culture, you can create a written statement of culture that is made visible to all members of the organization, as well as any new team members who join in the future.
Your statement of culture can be a guiding principle when it comes to making important decisions about things such as new hires, new projects, new ways of working, and goal setting. Check any major decisions against this statement of culture to see if they are aligned with your shared vision for the organization and the team. If they are not aligned, look at what can be changed or approached differently to get into better alignment with your statement of culture.