Why is Accountability Important? (2 min)

Why is Accountability Important?

We know what accountability means and what it might look like in the workplace, but what are the benefits and the risks that make accountability so important to uphold for ourselves and other members of our team or company?

Accountability creates a culture of excellence and integrity. If we don’t hold ourselves and others accountable for delivering on what we say we will do, it can lead to further slippages down the line and a general lowering of standards and reliability. It then becomes culturally acceptable within the workplace to not deliver on time or fail to reach targets we have committed to.

Accountability allows the whole team to succeed together. If we are not accountable for fulfilling our responsibilities and commitments, there is a knock-on effect for other team members who may then not be able to fulfill their commitments if they are depending on us to do our part. How can we hit our sales numbers if the product is 2 weeks delayed?

Accountability creates trust within a team. When we are accountable, others can rely on us. They know that we will do what we say and that – if for some reason we cannot deliver – we will communicate clearly and take responsibility for the impact.