Routine and Wellbeing (5 min)

Routine and Wellbeing

It is vitally important that you establish a daily routine as a remote worker, just as you would if you were going to work in a physical office. It is equally important that your daily routine supports your wellbeing. It is easy to fall into unhealthy habits when working from home, so make sure to set yourself a routine that is made up of healthy choices.

Here are some of the elements to consider when establishing a supportive routine for yourself:

Morning Routine

A good morning routine leaves you energized, well-rested, and well-fueled for the day ahead – setting you up for success. Your morning routine might include:

  • Read or meditate – Take some time to get centered and inspired before you start your working day by meditation, quiet reflection, journaling or reading something that inspires you.
  • Eat a balanced healthy breakfast – avoid sugary treats which can lead to a lack of focus later in the day as your blood sugar dips. Low GI (glycemic index) foods and proteins give a more reliable and sustainable energy source for your working day.
  • Dress for success! – even though you are staying at home, get dressed in fresh clothes that make you feel good and energized. How you dress can have a significant effect on your mindset. If you will have a video call with a client or with your team during the day, make sure you are dressed appropriately when the time comes to give the right impression.
  • Check out this article which gives some ideas for healthy and tasty Low GI breakfasts to start your day well:

Afternoon Routine

Keep your healthy habits going through the afternoon by:

  • Choosing healthy snacks and keeping hydrated – Prepare some fruit or nuts to snack on through the afternoon to keep your energy levels up.
  • Take breaks to stretch and move around – Your circulation can be affected by sitting for too long and it can cause a strain on your joints and skeleton. Make sure to get up from your desk at regular intervals, walk around a bit or stretch, and change your position if possible.
  • Finish on time – In exceptional circumstances, you might need to work a bit beyond your allocated hours but as a general rule, try to apply the same discipline around finishing work as you do to starting your working day. Adequate rest and good boundaries are important when working from home as it is easy for the day’s work to run into the evening.

Regular Exercise and Breaks

Taking regular exercise and breaks throughout the day and the week are key to your wellbeing and are important elements to build into your routine.

If possible, start and end your day with a walk, some light aerobic exercise at home or stretching. Sitting at a computer or desk all day can take a toll on your body and regular exercise will make a big difference.

Build in regular breaks to your routine. Taking short breaks to breathe, stretch, walk around and keep hydrated will benefit your body and mind, and refresh your focus. Make sure to take some time away from your desk to eat lunch but don’t get distracted from returning to work!

Consider a change of scene once or twice a week. Seek out places outside of the home where you can work comfortably without too much distraction, like a coffee shop, library or park. When possible, enjoy working from a different location for an afternoon or a few hours to keep yourself energized. Living and working in the same place all the time can lead to stagnation and lethargy.