Set Limits for Media (2 min)

Set Limits for Media

Your phone and even your computer can be huge distractions as well as being essential tools for a virtual worker. When you want to focus on a task, try turning off the notifications on your phone and putting it out of reach, or even in another room. A lapse in concentration can easily result in absent-mindedly picking up your phone and losing a chunk of time to social media, personal messages or a breaking news story.

You can use apps or online services to block your access to certain websites and apps during set hours if you really want to be laser-focused and distraction-free. You can also support yourself to change your habits by using the ‘screen time’ function on your phone to keep track of the time you spend on your phone and notice the times of day when you are most vulnerable to distraction, as well as the apps or websites that are the most distracting for you. Use this information to make the best use of any blocking or time-restricting tools you put in place.