Journaling Activity – Brain Health (5 min)

Journaling Activity – Brain Health

Write in your journal about the activity described below.

You can help your brain function at its best by using healthy habits.

Which of these habits do you actively do? Rate yourself on a scale of 1 (low) to 10 (high).

_____  1.  I have a diet high in fiber, fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and protein.

_____  2.  I exercise regularly and include stretching, aerobic exercise and strength or weight training in my routine.

_____  3.  I get enough sleep each night. (While everyone’s sleep needs are different, 8 hours per night minimum is recommended by St. Mary’s Sleep Disorder Center.)

_____  4.  I drink plenty of water throughout the day. (To assess this, divide your weight in half and estimate that you should drink that many ounces of water per day. For example, it’s recommended that a 150 lb. person drink 75 oz. of water per day, or approximately six 12 oz. glasses. Go get some water right now!).

_____  5.  I am often willing to try something new, like a new restaurant, hobby, activity or reading a new book.

_____  6.  I take the time to minimize stress in my life. I am aware of things that drain my energy and know what to do to rejuvenate myself or bring energy back.

_____  7.  I am able to take time regularly to rest and relax with or without work or critical thinking involved. I take at least one full day off each week and don’t skip a vacation.

_____  8.  I am active socially and supported by my friends and family.

_____  9.  I have been to a doctor within the last year for a regular medical check — up.

______     TOTAL

Congratulations! The higher your score (with a maximum of 90…see your brain just did that math!), the higher your brain health. Shoot to have a score above 60 — this would indicate an average of 7 or higher in each category. But don’t worry, even if you scored lower, you (and your brain!) will learn critical skills in the next section to increase your brain health.